Tuesday, November 8, 2011

It has been awhile

It has been too long since my last post on here. I have a couple of items so they are going to be bulleted.

  • I will start this one with a laugh and to demonstrate Jackson's reasoning ability.  I put him in time out, consisting of setting on the couch with the tv off. After he was there a couple of minutes he asked me if I was going to leave him there for a million years. I said yes, and his response was " You cannot leave me here for a million years, that is to long. If you leave me here a million years I will die and turn into a zombie and I don't want to be a zombie, besides you won't have a kid anymore." That argument earned him his freedom.
  • Jackson has parent/teacher conference this week. I am unsure how that is going to go. This school year for him has been more challenging than last, which I wasn't expecting. When we went to the open house before school started, I talked to his teacher about his Asperger's and she said she had an Aspie last year and she was familiar with working with them.I will probably be blogging about the conference on here becuase I am sure the Asperger's will come up.
That is all for now. I may do this again tonight to catch up some more or I may not. Depends on how the afternoon goes.

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